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      เกม หมากรุก สากล nr

      Farming Goes Global

      Out Now in stores

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      Wele to Pure Farming

      Go global and expand your farm across four continents!

      Use the latest technology and state-of-the-art licensed machines to manage all aspects of modern farming, from cultivating land and growing crops to breeding livestock and producing green energy. Travel between Europe, Asia, and both Americas to plant region-specific crops such as hemp, coffee beans, cherries, and olives using dedicated farming vehicles. Play the way you like best: three vastly different modes means this game is meant for you, no matter if you are a simulation veteran or an enthusiastic newer.

      • 100% Real MachinesDrive authentic farming vehicles from such industry leaders as Zetor, Landini, McCormick, Gregoire, DAF, Mitsubishi, and many more.

      • Global FarmingUse dedicated machines to plant region-specific crops such as hemp, rice, and eggplants at your farms in Italy, Japan, Colombia and Montana, USA.

      • All-In-OneTry your hand at almost every imaginable aspect of modern farming, such as animal husbandry, orchards, greenhouses, field cultivation, green energy and more.

      • Beautiful NatureAdmire the breath-taking landscapes of four continents and enjoy realistic, high-quality graphics.

      • Farm Your WayFree Farming, My First Farm, and Farming Challenges - enjoy three unique game modes tailored for different playstyles.


      Drive fathfully recreated farming vehicles brought to you by industry-leading brands.

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      Game Modes

      Three different game modes for different playstyles.

      • Free farming FreedomChoicesAdvanced

      • My first farm IntroductionMissionsFarmingTips

      • Farming challenges ExtremeSkillTestQuickPlay
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      Travel between your farms located in Italy, Colombia, Japan and Montana, USA.

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      Try your hand at all key aspects of modern farming.

      • Garage
      • Green Energy
      • Livestock
      • Greenhouses
      • Fields
      • Orchards
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      Your storehouse of Pure Farming trailers, screenshots, wallpapers and more

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      Germany map DLC

      Expand to a new region
      and discover exclusive activities

      Expand Pure Farming 2018 with the Germany Map for hours of additional gameplay. Run a new farm located in one of the most beautiful parts of Germany and try your hand at unique, region-specific activities: growing rapeseed and raising sheep!

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      In Pure Farming 2018, you will be able to create mods or easily use those made by others. The mod support will be available on day one PC version. More information ing soon!

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